Sunday, October 4, 2015

ANNOUNCE: Machinekit Meetup

Nov 6-8/2015, Madison WI

We are please to invite anyone interested to the second "real world" Machinekit meeting, taking place on November 6/8 at the Tormach facility in Madison, Wisconsin (USA).  Please feel free to join us - share your plans, exchange experience, and help shape the future of Machinekit!

Rough agenda so far:
  • Charles will talk on "Platform Options for Machinekit: Current and Future", covering the upcoming newer ARM & ARM+FPGA options besides the existing armhf/x86/amd64 options
  • Alex will talk on "Building Qt5 UI's with the MachinekitSDK"
  • I will present on HALmk ("HAL-MultiKore") - about enabling safe use of multiple core processors for realtime tasks, and the future of kernels for machinekit
Other topics we could think of
  • firming up plans and procedures for a machinekit stable branch
  • status reports from the nodejs-machinetalk and python-machinetalk projects (remote API's)
.. and anything you would want to bring up/contribute to!

More venue and agenda details will be posted shortly, so watch for details, and speak up if you're planning to attend. So far most folks are arriving sometime Friday and leaving sometime Sunday.

Charles, John, Alex, Michael, Bas

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