Sunday, June 5, 2016

ANNOUNCE: Machinekit Europe meeting

We are pleased to invite anyone interested to the first Machinekit meeting in Europe, taking place on July 2nd and 3rd at the Electrolab Hackerspace in Paris/Nanterre, France.

Please feel free to join us - share your plans, exchange experience, and help shape the future of Machinekit!

The agenda is not yet fixed. However, so far following ideas have been collected:

  • Frederic will present his Emco 120 + Intelys C3000 retrofits and demonstrate the XHC-HB04 pendant + DIY lathe control panel.
  • Alex will give a hands-on Machinekit workshop, including HAL and remote user interfaces with QtQuickVcp (help appreciated).
  • Bas will show a ROS configuration for the Matilda robot arm and talk about how the connection with Machinekit works.

... and anything you would want to bring up/contribute to! Please propose talks, bring your hardware and share your Machinekit experience.

More venue and agenda details will be posted shortly, so watch for details, and speak up if you're planning to attend.  So far, most folks are arriving sometime Friday and leaving Sunday evening.

More details about hotels, transportation and agenda are available in
this TitanPad:

Alex Bas Frederic Clement