Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Machinekit meetup - summary of talks

Here's a list of all talks held at the meetup, including links to recorded video and slides:
  • Bob van der Linden, node.js-machinetalk, an upcoming node.js - based remote API into the machinekit CNC and HAL stacks (slides)
  • Alexander Rössler, python-machinetalk, on a Python-based remote API into the machinekit CNC and HAL stacks (video slides)
  •  Charles Steinkuehler, Platform Options for Machinekit: Current and Future, review and outlook on "what is cooking in the hardware space", (video)
  • Charles Steinkuehler, The need and use of multicore HAL (video slides)
  • Michael Haberler & Mick Grant, HAL “multiKore”: making HAL safe & fast for multicore platforms - about enabling safe use of multiple core processors for realtime tasks (video slides)
  • Bas de Brujin, Update on CANopen driver for HAL (video slides)
  • Jon Elson, PicoSystems, Comments on the success of making CRAMPS boards and retrofit of 1996 photoplotter with a Beagle Bone (video)
  • Alexander Rössler, Building Qt5 UI's with the MachinekitSDK, covering creating user interfaces in the MachineSDK Vagrant VM and future possibilities of the MachinekitSDK (video slides)

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