Saturday, June 15, 2013

Temperature Conversion Working

Thanks to python and the flexibility of LinuxCNC, last night I was able to throw together a routine to convert ADC readings to temperature, add a PID loop to control the extruder heater, got the M104 temperature set command working, and add the current and set temperature values in a custom panel on the GUI interface:

I still need to tune my PID settings (it's working pretty much just like the bang-bang controller I was using, as I have no I or D terms, and not enough P gain), but that's for another day. If you want to check out the new code, just grab it from the repository. The linuxcnc directory on the image is a full git clone so all you have to do to update is:
cd ~/linuxcnc/src
git pull origin
sudo make setuid
The compile step is optional for this update, as all that really changed is some configuration files, but the above is generally how you would track updates on the development branch.

I have also several of the GUI interfaces that come with LinuxCNC.  The default axis interface is currently a CPU hog, and will need to be switched to something with better performance (or perhaps whatever is chewing up cycles can be identified and fixed).  The gscreen interface currently suffers from the same problem, while the tkemc interface is light on CPU cycles, but somewhat harder on the eyes.  A customized interface for 3D printing is on the list of features to work on, but I'm more of a low-level guy.  Holler if you'd like to help out!

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