Monday, June 24, 2013

BeBoPr Group Purchase

UPDATE: All the BeBoPr boards I purchased have been sold and shipped out.  If you are interested in obtaining a board, please contact Bas directly.

Since the BeBoPr boards are not readily available yet via the usual outlets (they've been back-ordered at Mouser for ages and CircuitCo doesn't seem to have a production run scheduled in the near future) I am coordinating a group purchase of some assembled boards remaining from the initial sample run directly from the board designer (Bas Laarhoven) to save on shipping costs and overall hassle.

Most of the boards are spoken for, but I am buying a few extras. If you are interested in obtaining one, please contact me directly.

List price is EUR 107 each FOB Europe, but I hope to be able to come in at or under that including shipping by doing a group buy. I should have final pricing in a couple of days, once shipping and currency conversion has been dealt with. I also have some technical details I can provide if you're interested.

The boards are on their way across the ocean.  If you want one, the cost is $135 including priority mail shipping.  Contact me directly via e-mail if you're interested:

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