Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Linear Delta Kinematics

I started working with LinuxCNC when I saw Johann Rocholl's Rostock linear delta printer.  Trying to squeeze reverse kinematics for non-Cartesian movements into an AVR seemed like a fools errand to me, so I turned to LinuxCNC, which has pluggable kinematics.  But someone has to write those kinematics! 

Everything old is new again 


Thanks to Viesturs, I found this awesome video of a linear delta robot controlled by LinuxCNC from back in 2011!  Hg5bsd (Jozsef Papp) has provided the lindeltakins.c file used to control his 'bot, and a sketch of the control layout.  If you are lucky enough to have a working linear delta mechanism (mine is currently in-progress), you should try out LinuxCNC with these kinematics and see how it works for you!

"Official" LinuxCNC Support

In similar news, LinuxCNC developer Jeff Eppler has acquired a Rostock Max, and has also written some linear delta kinematics.  Keep up with his delta changes in the jepler/lineardeltakins branch at

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