In an effort to help promote the use of LinuxCNC on the BeagleBone Black, I am selling BeBoPr-Bridge circuit boards and connectors.   The original BeBoPr is the currently the only readily available board for controlling a 3D printer or small mill with a BeagleBone, but it was designed for the original BeagleBone "White", and conflicts with pins on the newer BeagleBone Black.  The BeBoPr-Bridge PCB set re-arranges the I/O pins making an early version BeBoPr board work with the BeagleBone Black without having to disable HDMI and the on-board eMMC.

I will try to keep boards and connectors on-hand, so I can ship from stock.  Obviously, you can make your own boards or order a set of boards from OSH Park, but it's about $20 for a set of three boards, with a 2-3 week turn time.  Between that and the shipping cost for the four required connectors, it's cheaper, faster, and less hassle to buy a set of parts here.

Assembly Instructions

BeBoPr-Bridge PCB Only


One set of BeBoPr Bridge circuit boards, crafted from Bas Laarhoven's BBR_R1 design which is available from OSH Park.

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BeBoPr-Bridge PCB and Connector Set


One set of BeBoPr Bridge circuit boards, crafted from Bas Laarhoven's BBR_R1 design which is available from OSH Park.

Two 46-pin sockets: SSHQ-123-D-06-GT-LF

Two 46-pin headers: TSHC-123-D-06-240-GT-LF

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Power Connectors

If you buy your BeBoPr board from anyone other than Bas (the board designer), you will not receive any mating connectors for the board.  The motor and limit switches can use standard 0.1" connectors, and the heater connections are screw terminals.  You will, however, have to have two power connectors (one for board power, one for stepper power) in order to use your board.  Details of all the connector part numbers can be found on the BeBoPr forum.

I strongly recommend you purchase these connectors with your BeBoPr board, but as a convenience, I have some power connectors available.

Sold in sets of two connectors ONLY to US destinations.  The thickness of the connectors means International shipments are charged as a package instead of a letter (much more expensive), so folks outside the US should find a local source.

USA Only Shipping

NOTICE: You are buying only the parts!  You will need a soldering iron, solder, and some wire to fully assemble the boards into a working unit!  Assembly is VERY easy, so if you have soldered electronics before you should have no problem.  Assembly details are available on Bas' github wiki, and you can contact me if you have any problems getting things running.  Bas shows a fancy parallel cable on his wiki, but you can just use plain wire or every other wire in standard 0.050" pitch ribbon cable (which is what I did).
Hint: If you need a short piece of ribbon cable, you ought to be able to dig up an old floppy-disk or standard IDE cable that isn't being used and cut a chunk out of that.

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  1. Ordered a BeBoPr-Bridge PCB and Connector Set to go with the $49 bebopr r3 refurbished board from circuitco, 30 min of soldering, specialty spacer designed and printed, flashed machinekit, and I am controlling 4 steppers on my workbench with my BBB running linuxcnc. Thanks for all your contributions. I am well on my way to building my CNC mill.