Monday, October 30, 2017

DE0-NANO-Soc Stretch image

There is now a Debian Stretch based Machinekit SD card image for the DE0-NANO-Soc.

It contains the new machinekit code which uses the new czmq4 API, so the RIP build is fully updateable from the main Machinekit repo.

The image is not extensively tested, but runs the mksocfpga sim fine, so should not have any issues with hardware.

The image is in compressed .xz format, expanding to 5GB approx.
It is heavier than previously, but does contain all the tools and libraries
necessary to rebuild Machinekit in situ and do some development.

There is a .bmap file with it to allow copying to card using bmaptool.

Files are located at:

You will need to write to at least a  8GB card and expand the fs
That will allow room for a swapfile, which is essential for rebuilding the RIP
using -j2, or else you will run out of memory compiling the C++ elements,
because g++ is particularly memory hungry in later versions.


  1. Noob question here. I have tracked LinuxCNC hardware development from RTAI and Preempt-RT with Wheezy and a PC to BeagleBone Black, and now DE0-NANO-SoC (mostly via dates). I am putting together a cnc router, and would like to jump in somewhere close to current. Is this the place to jump in given that Wheezy support is going away?

    1. quote...

      Users are however encouraged to upgrade from Wheezy, which is almost 'end of life' and no longer receiving new backports from Debian in any case.
      All support will end in 2018.

  2. I could not get the debian 9.2 image to boot on my DE0-nano-SoC. On booting it was Unable to mount root fs;
    Flattened Device Tree blob at 00000100
    Booting using the fdt blob at 0x000100
    reserving fdt memory region: addr=0 size=1000
    Loading Ramdisk to 03cc2000, end 03fff818 ... OK
    Loading Device Tree to 03cb7000, end 03cc134f ... OK
    Starting kernel ...
    [ 0.000000] L2C: platform provided aux values permit register corruption.
    [ 1.527007] Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(179,2)

    So I tried the debian 8.5 latest image which worked much better. Thanks for providing the debian images.

  3. 9.2 has some issues still (panics on apt-get install xxx):

    Message from syslogd@mksocfpga at Nov 26 23:16:43 ...
    kernel:[ 1163.403590] Internal error: Oops - BUG: 0 [#1] PREEMPT SMP ARM

    Message from syslogd@mksocfpga at Nov 26 23:16:43 ...
    kernel:[ 1163.403671] Process dpkg (pid: 14000, stack limit = 0xea4ee218)

  4. really curious on what the jitter test shows for timings on this board.
    especially in comparison to BBB.