Thursday, June 5, 2014

CRAMPS Kits Available!

I am pleased to announce that I have a limited number of CRAMPS V2.1 DIY Kits available for sale.  This includes a PCB and all the parts required to build a functioning board.  Assembly details are on the RepRap wiki, and the design files are on github.  Please review the known issues, and be sure that you are comfortable soldering 0603 surface-mount chip components prior to ordering a kit.

I apologize in advance for the somewhat clunky shopping cart, but it is the best open-source solution I could find that dynamically calculates shipping rates based on destination (which is required, since the rates for international package shipments vary dramatically).  Yes, you will have to create yet another web account you will likely never use again, but it keeps me from having to charge everyone some obscene amount like $25 for shipping.

I currently have about 20 kits available, and I do not expect to make any more (it is a LOT of work!), so act quickly if you want one.  Also, I am doing this to help with the adoption of the CRAMPS design, so there is a one-kit-per-person limit.


  1. I missed the boat on the kits. The email went out on Saturday and landed in my work email inbox and since I was off for the weekend, I didn't see this until it was way too late. Luckily I did sneak in under the wire and bought a PCB. Hopefully I can put together an order to get the parts needed to complete this thing sometime in the next two weeks. My eyes have taken a turn for the worse here lately as I'm apparently getting old, so the wait time for the parts will likely be a good thing as I now need reading glasses and it will take two weeks from today to get them in. LOL. Getting old should be avoided if at all possible.

    Thanks for putting this together Charles. It looks like a fantastic opportunity to bring our printers into the current generation of processors.

    1. Sorry you missed out, but I'm glad you got a PCB. The parts are available from DigiKey or Mouser for about the same cost as the kit, but you might pay more in shipping. I've tried to make it easy to order your own parts, see the links at the bottom of the Google Docs BOM:

  2. Unfortunately I too missed the boat on the CRAMPS boards and kits - I also missed the BBBs at my local supplier - they had 600 two weeks ago. :(

    I was about to send an order off to itead for some other boards and I thought I'd get the cramps boards made too. Have you made any boards there? If not, are there any traps with the gerbers I need to be aware of? (I tried to view them using ViewMate (free gerber viewer), but it was confused by the metric drill file).

    1. I used itead for the V1.0 and V2.1 boards with no problems. They even caught a goof in the fab files for V2.0 (I hadn't regenerated the copper pours which would have caused a short to a trace). The HASL boards I sold with the kits were from itead, and the ENIG boards were from seeed studio. The zip files in the gerbers directory of the github project are the actual files I sent to the fab houses.

  3. Hi Charles

    Mine arrived today, here in Switzerland. Thx a lot!
    The board looks very professional. And good quality parts.

    It will be my first board where I have to solder such small bugs.
    But I like chalanges and eventually new glasses ;-()