Thursday, May 15, 2014


The CRAMPS V2.1 circuit boards are fabricated and heading my way.  I am planning to sell the bare boards for a nominal cost (under $5), but I may get motivated and sell some DIY kits that include all the parts needed to assemble your board.  The kit would probably be around $50-60, which is pretty much my cost for the parts in low volume, and I'd only be able to make about 10-20 kits total (before I run out of circuit boards).

So a quick informal poll:  If you are interested in buying a bare PCB or a DIY kit for the new CRAMPS board, send me a direct email and if I get enough interest kits I'll try to put some together.  Sending me an email places you under no obligation to actually buy anything, nor does it guarantee you'll actually get a kit should I decide to make some.

I am also working on getting someone to build and sell assembled boards, but that is a process that will likely take another couple months.  The kits would probably be available in 2-4 weeks, depending on how long it takes the PCBs to arrive and if I find any problems with the first prototypes.


  1. So far everyone wants a kit and nobody wants a bare PCB. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. :)

  2. I don't even want a kit, I want an assembled board hehe :)

    A stupid question, what is the advantage compared to the BeBoPr board? Price? Will the cramps work without any modifications with the BBB? Sorry for the stupid question I'm really new to this.

  3. It makes sense to me. A kit means fewer shipping charges and a comparitive economy of scale. Much less hassle for the end user. My RAMBO board blew three of it's four thermistor ports, so I'm waiting for one of these kits with baited breath. My Rostock needs more power and more modularity. Having a BBB will also give me an alternative platform to my Raspberry Pi's. If I'm lucky enough to get one (or two), it would be like Christmas in June/July. LOL

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