Monday, February 10, 2014


I have finished the design for the first version of the CRAMPS 3D print controller board for the BeagleBone. This "new" design is a rework of the RAMPS-FD board for the Arduino Due, which in turn is a rework of the RAMPS board for the Arduino Mega (isn't open-source great!). The PCB files are queued at OSH Park meaning I will hopefully have boards around the end of February.

Features & Details:
  • 12-24V operation
  • 6 Pololu drivers
  • 15A driver for heated bed, with dedicated power
  • 3 high-current drivers for extruder heaters
  • 2 medium-current drivers for fans/lights, always 12V
  • 4 Thermistor inputs
  • 6 Limit switches (5V tolerant)
  • 4 Servo outputs
  • SPI and I2C expansion headers (5V tolerant)
  • Flexible power options for the BeagleBone (use 'Bone 5V jack, 5V screw terminals, or add a regulator to generate 5V from 12-24V system power)
  • Hardware ESTOP chain
  • Stack-through design allows for expansion
If you like living on the edge I've shared the board at OSH Park so you can order your own. Design files are on github, and I've started a thread on the RepRap forums if you have any questions.

Currently the BOM pretty much doesn't exist, and please don't judge me by the lack of assembly drawings in the PCB files.  KiCAD apparently doesn't have assembly layers or allow creating arbitrary mechanical layers so I can't make assembly drawings the way I'm used to for the last 15 years.  I'll get it all sorted out, and add a full BOM once I've sourced and ordered all the bits and pieces needed to build the board.

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