Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BeBoPr Support Forums

Bas, creator of the BeBoPr board, has a new support forum for the BeBoPr boards online.  Hopefully this will become a great resource for anyone using a BeBoPr board with the BeagleBone.  Note that I generally prefer e-mail lists over forums, so while I intend to monitor the BeBoPr forums, don't hesitate to "nudge" me (forum username: cdsteinkuehler) via direct message if there's something you think I missed.

Also remember to monitor the BeBoPr wiki pages which have lots of details that haven't made it to the forums yet.

Finally, if you're interested in using a BeBoPr with a BeagleBone Black, I should soon have stock of a quantity of the Bridge Boards (which let you use the HDMI interface to run stand-alone) if you don't want to order 3 (or more) direct from OSH Park or mill them yourself, or you can get the BeBoPr+ boards (with the Bridge included) direct from Bas.

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